SSL Certificates

We will now be offering SSL certificates through AlphaSSL!

These certificates are fully trusted- in fact, we have one installed on our website! You can navigate your browser to and inspect an AlphaSSL certificate!

We will offer standard SSL certificates valid for one domain- such as

Also available will be what are called wildcard certificates. These certificates will secure and protect any additional subdomains for your server- such as,,, etc.


Standard SSL certificates: $40/year
Wildcard SSL certificates: $125/year

Please Contact Us if you’d like to purchase an SSL certificate.  Please specify if you’d like a Standard or Wildcard SSL certificate.

Here’s some info about AlphaSSL- you can also navigate to their site at

     AlphaSSL Certificates are recognized by all popular browsers and mobile devices. Our Certificates are issued from the 2048 bit GlobalSign Root Certificate – one of the longest operating and most trusted Authorities in the world. You will also receive 256 bit encryption strength between your customer and your website – the strongest in use today.
To show your customers you are trusted, as well as activating the browser padlock you get a free clickable Secure Site Seal. All Certificates also come with a warranty against mis-issuance. We take our reputation very seriously and employ state of the art anti-phishing checks during all applications – this extra commitment against phishing attacks means that when people see AlphaSSL, they know it’s an SSL brand they can trust.”

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