About EoH Online

EoH Online grew out of a desire to create and provide reliable, realistic hosting to people who just need their site to work. Whether it’s your personal site to keep your family in touch, or your business, we provide you with support, extremely knowledgeable assistance, and the personal touch that so many large companies lack.

What we don’t offer is anything “unlimited”, “unmetered”, or at bargain basement prices.

We obtain and provide only exceptional quality hardware, software, and services. As do most things of real value, such quality has costs associated with it. As we believe in providing realistic hosting and services, we’ll never offer canned, commodity-type services. Everything we offer is tailored to YOUR needs to exceed YOUR expectations.

Many sites and services out there will happily sing you a song about totally unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, 3 billion domains, and two thousand billion email addresses, all for only $2.00 a month, while behind the scenes monitoring every scrap of CPU usage, script, and connection made, all while looking for a reason to suspend you the first time a script on your site uses 10% of the CPU for more than 15 seconds. That’s when the fine print will catch up to you- that, by unlimited, what they meant was unlimited HTML pages only, or unlimited bandwidth only applying to static pages, and not ZIP file downloads.

We never take action to suspend accounts unless severe non-payment issues arise. We believe your website needs to be able to just run, the right way every time. We don’t lump 300 customers on a single server then start suspending the “resource hogs.”

We don’t “oversell” our products- each server is not pressed beyond it’s specifications. If your needs have grown, we work with you to place you on a better server, all the way up to dedicated or even clustered servers.

Overall, our business is your business- your success brings us success, so it naturally follows that our business model is to support YOU to the best of our capabilities.

We do now have a trouble ticket system. Your emails still come directly to someone capable of handling whatever issue may arise. You are provided with a direct line to support for your needs, whether complex or simple.

We’re not a big company, and we hope never to be- our clients number fewer than 30. Our goal is individualized support, one-on-one discussion, planning, and implementation.

With EoH Online, you’ll absolutely never be just another faceless account.

If you’re interested in our services, please continue to our Web Hosting page and continue reading about what we offer and either use our form or email us for more information!

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